Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Crowdfunding TATSUKO

TATSUKO is being funded on the 'Crowdfunding' model. Individuals pledge financial support to push forward a project's development. In return, they are rewarded with a range of product on a sliding scale.
In the case of TATSUKO, the rewards are unique and tangible. They are as follows:

 Red Cubes
 project brochure
 Screenprint: signed edition limited to 45

 Book of the film
 life drawing
 Willow Bridges: drawing

 installation set: painted panels by Carole King

pledge                          Reward                                                       availability

£ 10 ‘Tatsuko’ postcard, signed by the production team and your name [and website if desired] listed on supporter page of the project blog site - unlimited -

£ 20 as above, plus signed marketing brochure of the project and your name on the supporters page of the book, ‘The Tatsuko Project’ [80pp. full colour. softcover] - unlimited -

£ 30 as above, plus your name included on the film credit roll as project supporter - unlimited -

£ 40 as above, plus a limited edition signed screenprint, by Glenn Ibbitson [ 2 colour, A3 size] 100

£ 90 all above, plus signed copy of the book to accompany the film, ‘The Tatsuko Project’ [80pp. full colour. softcover] 100

£ 150 all above, plus signed life drawing by Glenn Ibbitson used in the artist’s studio scenes 1

£ 200 rewards 1-5 above, plus original sheet of storyboarding, signed by Glenn Ibbitson [mixed media on A2 watercolour paper] 10

£ 400 rewards 1 to 5 above, plus “Willow Bridges” charcoal pencil on paper; Glenn Ibbitson features in interior scenes 1

£ 650 rewards 1 to 5 above, plus 4x3ft acrylic and poppy seed on canvas panel painted by Carole King, as used in the art installation scene 6

£ 1000 rewards 1 to 5 above, plus "Red Cubes" oil on canvas 91x91cm by Glenn Ibbitson as seen in the artist's studio scenes   1

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