Saturday, 17 March 2012

TATSUKO: storyboard panels on offer

 Sheet 1: Stranger crossing a Landscape

 Sheet 2: From Orchard to Studio

 Sheet 3: The Art Installation

Sheet 4: The Upstairs Studio Space

 Sheet 5: Intruder in the Bedroom

 Sheet 6: First view of House/ through the Woods

 Sheet 7: Intruder enters the Studio

Ten sheets are available and each come with production postcard and brochure, both signed by members of the production team, an artist-printed screenprint limited to an edition of 100, and a signed copy of the book, TATSUKO.
Supporter's name and website will also be added to Blogsite list, the supporter's page in the book, and on the final credit roll of the film itself.
Available in exchange for a pledge of £200
[N.B. watermarks are absent from the actual storyboard sheets]

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